Arrival Rw24 East

There is no change proposed for Runway 24 arrivals from the north. Arrivals from the north represent a relatively small proportion of the overall number of flights (approximately 8% of arrivals). Figure 46 shows the flight path tracks for current Runway 24 arrivals from the north below 7,000ft.

Our proposed flight path

Considered options

Prefered options

What's your view?

We have considered all of the information available including feedback from the initial consultation process when designing our flight path options. Our second consultation is asking communities, organisations and elected officials if they agree with our preferred flight path options. If these changes might affect you, we would like to hear your views.  The principal question we’re asking is

"Do you agree with our preferred flight path option and why? If you disagree please let us know which other viable option you would prefer and why?" We are asking this question for each of the proposed flight paths.

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